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The Volunteer Service Guild came into being in 1957 during the construction of the new Radcliffe Church.  The guild was organized to supplement the resources of the church and to enhance its cultural life.  The first project undertaken by the Guild was furnishing the church kitchen.  This had been the dream of the late Cecilia Mercer.  This project was successfully completed by the original twelve charter members. Louise Bolar, Mary Ellen Boazman, Anne Cox, Elsie Foster Evans, India Harris, Verna Henderson, Margaret Jacobs, Cecilia Mercer, Montee Odom, Gladys Scott, Myra Staley, and Betty Williams.

Giwayen  Mata

GIWAYEN MATA is the award-winning, dynamic, soul-stirring, all-sistah, dance, percussion, and vocal ensemble that celebrates the richness of traditional Afrika by exhibiting its exemplary art forms. The ensemble performs traditional, contemporary and original pieces that address issues pertaining to people of color, women, and the environment.

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