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Welcome to Radcliffe Presbyterian Church USA. We are a loving caring intergenerational community, with an emphasis on disciple making, spiritual growth and education. We desire to develop a culture of evangelism where each person and each ministry is constantly seeking opportunities to invite new persons into the Body of Christ. We are a community that is aware of our rich Afrikan spirituality, culture and heritage and we intentionally weave that heritage into every aspect of our life together.
Our commitment is to live out the love of God by developing ministries that promote a deep Christ-centered spirituality, educates, promotes health and wellness and seeks justice and liberation of the oppressed. We desire to be personally accountable for assuring that we and our children are well educated holistically; inclusive of spiritual, academic and life experience. We value community life and fellowship and desire that none would be without or suffer alone.
Worship is dynamic and spirit filled. The Word of God is preached with integrity, power and passion. We are working together to create an environment where families are healthy and strong and provide a secure foundation for the nurture and growth of children. We desire to be a beacon of hope and light in our community and a visible witness of the presence of Christ in the world.
We are a growing, loving, intimate and authentic congregation.
We welcome you to join us.

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